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22nd October 2021 

Integrative Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a means of understanding and processing experiences that leave you feeling confused, alienated and disempowered. It is a way of feeling more connected to who we really are and to being with others. It is also a relational way of coming to feel one's autonomy amidst a constantly shifting world of uncertainties.

Reality is not so much about a series of events that happen to us but more about our experiencing and living of these events now. We cannot change events in the past but we can change our experiencing and understanding of them in the present. Exploring the potential in our relationships to self and other is part of the process of opening up to the inquiry of how we change through present moment experiencing.

Focussing through 'felt experiencing' and 'felt sense' enables the therapist and the client to access our inward bodily responses to a direct experience of a present moment. The therapeutic work begins with increasing awareness of our felt and thought processes. In becoming more aware of the present moment, we begin to experience the process of becoming more alive to what is means to be human. This includes arriving at the realisation that we have the capacity to make different choices in life.

People come to psychotherapy for different reasons. They could be going through one of the following states.

    Depression, fears and anxieties

    A personal or existential crisis or major life change

    Relationship problems, bereavement

Or more subtle issues such as:

    Feelings blocked or stuck

    Feelings of emptiness and wishing to enquire more deeply into life experiences

    Feelings of being cut-off, isolated or alienated

It is possible to explore all these experiences with understanding and exploring one's relationship to self and other. Psychotherapy can be liberating process where you eventually cultivate the awareness and feel more able to choose to move away from habitual inclinations and orientate towards a more creative and fulfilling way of being.